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Renewal Strategies For Apartment Communities

How to design a successful renewal strategy that treats current residents fairly and protects your apartment community's revenue.

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When a sudden increase in vacancies occurs, most apartment communities turn to short-term solutions such as reducing rent, offering specials, or increasing their marketing spend. But how can you ensure this doesn't happen again? Having a strategic process for earning more lease renewals makes it possible to stay ahead of the ongoing vacancy game. In this resource, we'll focus on two key components—pricing and lease terms—and how they can be used to develop renewal strategies that make residents feel more comfortable about extending their leases, helping your communities maximize revenue with consistently strong occupancy.

Read this Whitepaper if you're interested in:

  • Learning how to retain more residents and reduce your turnover rate.
  • Creating a renewal strategy that will allow you to have the right number of move-outs occur at the right time, minimizing excess vacancy.
  • How to approach the pricing or lease terms you offer in renewals.
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