Predictive Digital Advertising For Apartments

Control Future Vacancy With RentVision's Innovative Digital Apartment Advertising Strategy.

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Digital ads that automatically predict your Future Occupancy and adjust accordingly, driving leases exactly when you need them.

Graph of future occupancy below target.

Get Traffic To Your Apartment's Website Before Vacancy Hits

PPC for apartments just got a whole lot easier. With RentVision, your ad campaigns are predictive, meaning they send qualified renters to your community website before occupancy drops. When your occupancy is high, ad spending automatically lowers, so you can save advertising dollars for the times you need it most. 

How Future Occupancy Works


Our Future Occupancy metric identifies your future occupancy and vacancy, helping you know what demand you need now.


Our algorithms also account for your community's unique seasonality and identify your upcoming organic demand with another important metric: Future Occupancy Target.


Get the right amount of traffic at the right time. By knowing your future supply and demand, RentVision helps you act now and control vacancies.

Written conversation with RentVision about upcoming vacancies.

Automated PPC Ad Strategy Built Exclusively For The Multifamily Industry

Stop having to constantly keep tabs on your campaigns and get your valuable time back with the most effective and cost-efficient digital advertising solution for the multifamily industry! By integrating with your property management software, RentVision is able to calculate your Future Occupancy and make adjustments automatically, so you’re only spending ad money when and where you need to.

Our client's automated digital ads earned more conversions as human-powered campaigns at lower costs, helping communities maintain healthy occupancy levels year-round.

Down Arrow 14.6%

Decrease in Cost Per Click

Up Arrow 14.5%

Increase in User Engagement


More Likely to Have Occupancy Levels at or Above Target

Source: A Study Measuring the Effectiveness of RentVision’s Predictive Advertising Solution (June 2022)

Predictive digital ads perform 2x better than the multifamily industry's benchmark for PPC campaigns.


Benchmark CPC for Multifamily Ads*


Average CPC for RentVision’s Ads


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Spend Smarter With Apartment Ads Optimized By Machine Learning

Your advertising dollars are always spent where they're most effective when you use machine learning and AI to manage your apartment PPC campaigns. Dozens of measurements and changes are taken weekly to ensure your budget is automatically allocated to campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your website and produce the most conversions.  

Floorplan specific digital ads.

Floorplan-Specific Ads For Every Floorplan In Your Community

Upcoming 2-bedroom vacancy? No worries. With PPC campaigns for each of your community's specific floorplans, you can automatically push more traffic to the floorplan with the most upcoming vacancy and get more qualified leads right when (and where) you need them.

Examples of keywords for targeted digital ads.

Reach Interested Renters With Targeted Digital Ad Campaigns

Most apartment marketing strategies cast a net that's far and wide when, ultimately, that only leaves you dealing with tons of unqualified leads. RentVision's highly targeted digital ad strategy leverages the search terms most relevant to your community, driving high-quality traffic that turns into highly-qualified leads for your leasing team. Learn more about our targeted ad strategy.

No additional management fees.

Unlimited Ad Spend With No Additional Management Fee

Many PPC or SEM management companies charge you a percentage fee based on your ad budget. It’s easy to see why they might recommend increasing your ad spend. RentVision doesn't charge our partners a fee based off of a percentage of their ad spend because we believe that could hinder our ability to give unbiased advice. Because we don’t gain when you spend more, our strategic advisors can make recommendations that are truly best for you and your community.

Two smartphones showing examples of video ads.

Video Ads For Digital Apartment Marketing Advertising Campaigns

Capture a prospective resident's attention by adding beautiful videos of your community's units and amenities to your digital ad campaigns. Utilizing visual content in campaigns creates more appeal for your apartments and increases ad conversion rates.

Control Future Vacancy With Your New, Innovative Digital Advertising Strategy

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