Automated Cross-Platform Digital Advertising Amongst Latest RentVision Product Updates

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Here are the latest ways RentVision is making renting apartments easier.

The latest product updates include digital advertising improvements unparalleled amongst multifamily marketing vendors and helpful additions to the RentVision Platform, our clients' all-in-one data hub. 

They include:

  • Automated cross-platform digital advertising.
  • A Company Overview page in the RentVision Platform.
  • Two new pages on the new Revenue Tab in the RentVision Platform.
  • And more behind-the-scenes updates that you will want to take advantage of.


Automated Cross-Platform Digital Advertising: A Major Enhancement To Our Predictive Digital Ad Solution

Now your advertising dollars are optimized across campaigns and multiple advertising platforms simultaneously! How does this affect you? Simply put, you'll always get the most engaged visitors to your community websites for the money you're spending.

How does this work? Our predictive advertising algorithms were already making automated adjustments to ad spend so that you're getting the right amount of highly-qualified website traffic according to your communities' future needs. 

With this critical enhancement, we're now monitoring which campaigns on each platform are the most efficient at producing qualified leads and automatically allocating funds to the best-performing ads on the best-performing advertising channels  (Google search, Google display network, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail)!

Bottom line: Your ad dollars are stretching farther and performing better.

Company Overview Page: Get A Quick Glimpse Of Your Multifamily Portfolio's Performance

When logging in to your RentVision Platform account, you'll see a new Company Overview page that lets you quickly assess the performance of every community in your company's portfolio or the communities you oversee.

Metrics you can access on the Company Overview page will include each community's Future Occupancy, Future Occupancy Target, and any active recommendations they may have.

Here's the best part: When you click on an individual community's Future Occupancy or Future Occupancy Target metrics, pop-ups will now appear on the page to provide complete breakdowns with transparent, invaluable data on community performance.

On the Future Occupancy breakdown, you'll see, on a configuration level, future occupancy changes since the previous week, available units, and a count of new leases signed in the last seven days. The Future Occupancy Target breakdown shows a community's actual performance metrics—turnover rate, vacant to application day average, application to move-in day average, and seasonal traffic—and their impact on the target.

In most cases, you will get all the actionable data you need for your portfolio on one page in the RentVision Platform. Then you can quickly identify which communities to focus on and dive into more performance data to make changes.

See Important Revenue Data With Two New Pages In The RentVision Platform

In addition to the new Company Overview page, we've introduced a Revenue Tab with two new pages: Revenue Analytics and Rent Analytics. The data shown includes insights like revenue trends over time, gross potential revenue, and unrealized revenue.

Why is this important? Marketing, leasing, and pricing all significantly impact community revenue. You gain additional insight into property performance with revenue-centered metrics.

(Note: The Revenue Analytics pages are available to all RentVision Platform users whose communities have enabled Future Occupancy integration. However, rent revenue data can only be obtained through select property management software. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions about revenue data access and adding it to your communities.)

Other Product Updates

  • Google's Universal Analytics is sunsetting in July, so we've been working diligently behind the scenes to migrate all of our customers to the new Google Analytics 4 Platform.
  • We've improved the quality of community photos on our clients' mobile websites, enhancing the experience where most prospective residents shop.
  • All eligible clients are now utilizing Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads. Learn more about how Performance Max campaigns work.


Our latest product updates will significantly help you and your team better assess your portfolio's performance and feel more confident about your investment and the implementation of your digital advertising strategy.

Don't hesitate to contact our Client Success team and let us know if you have any questions about the new changes. Or, share your insights about how they affect you. Your feedback matters and helps us make your experience better. We would love to hear from you! Click here to fill out a short product feedback survey.

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