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Control Demand Year Round

Effective Digital Ads

Effective digital ads require the right strategy, predictive timing, and the best measure of success. RentVision deploys a system that optimizes budgets to target communities and floorplans that are in need, along with machine learning to maximize impact.

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Our Targeted Strategy

RentVision's Digital Advertising strategy is structured in a way that focuses on your most qualified leads that are the least expensive to reach. The way we visualize this strategy is similar to a bullseye with your apartment community located in the center. As we move further away from the bullseye, we target broader and broader keywords that cast a wider and wider net. This ensures that we’re investing your marketing dollars in the most qualified leads possible—prospective residents searching for your specific community—instead of targeting people who are unlikely to become your future resident.

Bullseye graphic showing digital advertising strategies: Broad, Facebook, Specific/Offensive, Remarketing, Defensive
Bullseye graphic showing digital advertising strategies: Broad, Facebook, Specific/Offensive, Remarketing, Defensive

Digital Advertising Key Benefits

  • Tailored Campaign Strategies

    Expand your impact with search and display ads created for your community.

  • Flexible Budget Tiers

    Capitalize on a strategy designed to maximize your advertising ROI.

  • Optimized Advertising Management

    Benefit from responsive ads and advanced automation that deliver results.

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Predictive Advertising

Minimize Vacancy Before It Occurs

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Are you able to predict your future vacancy? With RentVision’s Predictive Advertising, you can! In order to control future vacancy, you need to be able to predict when it’s coming, know if it’s going to be a problem, and be prepared to fix it.

Predictive Advertising removes guesswork from your marketing and property management decision-making. By combining Google Analytics with your property management system, we forecast future occupancy changes, allowing you to make proactive marketing decisions.

How It Works

Know Your Future Occupancy

Our Future Occupancy Projection metric identifies your future occupancy and vacancy. This allows you to know what demand you need now.

Adjust Your Demand

Future Occupancy Target identifies your future demand, and automatically adjusts your digital ads to increase or decrease demand at your apartment community as needed.

Control Vacancy

Stay in control by getting traffic at the right time. By knowing your future supply and demand, RentVision helps you act now to maximize your revenue.

Our proprietary algorithms give two unique metrics, Future Occupancy Projection and Future Occupancy Target, that utilize your website’s traffic data along with your current availability, providing you with a window into your future vacancy.

Predictive Advertising Key Benefits

  • Forecast Future Vacancy

    Remove guesswork from your day-to-day.

  • Bedroom/Floorplan Targeting

    Create ad campaigns for specific bedroom/floorplans.

    Coming Soon
  • Community Specials in Ad Extensions

    Show off your community’s specials on Google.

  • Flexible Ad Budgets

    Only increase spend when you need more demand.

  • Gain Control of Vacancy

    Be prepared and make proactive marketing decisions.

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