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The Complete Guide To A Multifamily Property Management Transition

Steps to take before, during, and after acquiring an apartment community that ensure a seamless transition for your property management company.

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What's Inside This Ebook

From working with individual apartment communities and various property management companies, we've learned that the sales transition process can be tricky and full of obstacles. Knowing that current market conditions have prompted more companies to try and grow their portfolio, it's vitally important that they're prepared for all that occurs before, during, and after the acquisition, or the prosperous outcome they desire will be harder to attain. Our aim in this ebook is to share our industry experience of what it takes to ensure a successful and seamless sales transition process for your property management company.

Read this Ebook if you're interested in:

  • Knowing how best to evaluate the marketing, management, and revenue of an apartment community you're interested in buying.
  • A helpful method for assessing rent at a prospective property that can show whether or not those apartments have historically been undervalued.
  • What items within the purchase agreement your company shouldn't ignore.
  • Developing a strategic launch process after purchasing an apartment community.
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