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Survival Guide for the Solo Apartment Marketer

Learn how you can reach large marketing goals with a small marketing team.

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What's Inside This Ebook

Small to medium-sized property management companies are in a tough position. They have lofty marketing goals, but don't have a large enough budget to employ a full marketing staff. Though you can't do everything, there are things you can control. We'll help you discover your buyer persona, what you can outsource, and how to utilize Google Analytics.  

Read this Ebook if you're interested in:

  • Developing a marketing message that resonates with prospective residents that fit your community's buyer persona.
  • Finding the right marketing vendor.
  • Automating your leasing process with your website and walkthrough video tours.
  • Creating your own Google Analytics dashboard so you can easily measure traffic by source.
  • Not settling for being second best in your marketing efforts just because you have a small budget.
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