The Best Display Ad Sizes For Apartment Marketers

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Google supports more than 20 different template sizes for display advertisements. A general practice for marketers who use this platform has been designing an ad for each of those sizes (in pixels), because they believe that is how their product will gain the most visibility possible.

Unfortunately, multifamily companies often are limited in terms of marketing capacity. Most don't even have in-house designers. Even if they do, creating 20 or more ads for every digital campaign featuring their apartment communities is a significant workload.

But what if you only had to do a third of that work,
yet still got 90% of the results?

We analyzed the performance, by size, of our clients’ display ads and learned that apartment communities can earn critical amounts of impressions and clicks by only designing 7 (or fewer) sizes of each ad.

We wrote a whitepaper exploring how this works, which you can download below. In it, you will discover:

  • A ranking of the best display ad sizes by performance
  • The data from more than 23,000 display ads
  • Key takeaways from our internal study

This resource is for every apartment marketer, and especially those who are tasked with designing multiple display ads for their digital campaigns.


The Best Display Ad Sizes For Apartment Marketers

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