How RentVision Improved One Multifamily Company's Marketing Efforts

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Caleb Plettner, CEO of Century Sales & Management, and his team oversee 2,400 units, ranging from houses, townhouses and duplexes, to a large luxury apartment community. With such a broad and diverse profile, developing a marketing plan to highlight all of their properties to prospective residents was a challenge.

Plettner chose RentVision to be Century's marketing partner due to our full range of forward-thinking marketing services. In working with us, Plettner said his team became more productive and efficient in leasing units, and experienced a level of proactive communication not common with most vendors.

In this week's blog, hear directly from Caleb Plettner—a member of the multifamily industry— about how partnering with RentVision improved his company.

Caleb Plettner, CEO of Century Sales & Management, discusses how RentVision's services impacted his company's marketing efforts in the video above. (Note: Plettner's reference of RentVision Occupancy has since been changed to Future Occupancy Projection.)

"Having those metrics is really valuable to me as the CEO, as I'm monitoring the different sources we use."

Of all the marketing solutions RentVision provides, Plettner said that the RentVision Platform is the one he finds the most value in.

The RentVision Platform is our proprietary, all-in-one marketing hub. In it, your team can evaluate how each of your marketing sources are performing so you can gain a better understanding of how potential residents are finding your apartment community.

"We can take any marketing source that we want and plug it into the (RentVision Platform) to know across all of our sources, RentVision included, which marketing sources produced the most leads and which marketing sources closed the most leases," Plettner said.

Using the data within the RentVision Platform, Century Sales & Management decided to readjust their marketing budget to allocate more resources towards digital advertising. 

"We've essentially gone away from your typical marketing sources and have gone exclusively to Google Ads and paid, cost-per-click marketing because we've found that to be the most qualifying and it generates the most leases," Plettner said.

"I really resonate with RentVision's mission."

If Plettner ever needs assistance in determining the right actions with Century's marketing efforts, he turns to his dedicated RentVision marketing advisor.

"They're monitoring these metrics and our Google Adwords campaigns, identifying if there's any issues and making recommendations to us," he said.

Along with that individualized level of service, Plettner also said he really resonates with our company mission of considering others more important than yourself.

"They take that as a core mission for their company, and it filters into every area of their service," he said. "They are doing what's in my best interest as a client, even to the point of showing metrics from other marketing sources, and if those marketing sources outperform RentVision's, then by all means, use those marketing sources.

"That's the level of service that we love, and that's a mission we appreciate."


Century Sales & Management appreciates its partnership with RentVision for two reasons:

  1. They're provided the tools to evaluate each of their marketing sources and make adjustments as needed within the RentVision Platform.
  2. They're experiencing a level of dedicated customer service uncommon to most vendors.

In the video, Plettner also discussed how RentVision's forward-looking occupancy metric, Future Occupancy Projection, is a gamechanger for the multifamily industry. We'll focus on how Century has been impacted by this new metric in next week's blog.

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