[ Video ] Google Ads Strategies for Apartment Communities

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Internet listing services such as Apartments.com and Zillow are raising their costs, forcing apartment communities to spend thousands per month on top-tier packages. Though an ILS may produce a considerable amount of leads, the method of advertising your apartments directly next to competing properties makes it harder to sign more leases.

This is why more and more companies have turned to Google to advertise their properties because there's no fixed cost and it's easier to target prospective residents actually interested in their apartments. This approach results in the development of qualified leads who are more prepared to sign a lease.

Moving away from an ILS can be intimidating, especially for a company who has relied on it for years for the bulk of their marketing. To help, David Watson, RentVision's Founder and CEO, introduces Google Ads and explains strategies for how apartment communities can both reach their target audience and maximize their marketing budgets, in this video.

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The RentVision Guide to Digital Advertising for Apartment Communities

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