How multifamily marketing syndication tools boost your online presence

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Marketing syndication for apartments: What is it?

Marketing syndication for apartments consists of software solutions that enable you to simultaneously update unit pricing, specials, availability, virtual content, and more across your community websites, listing services, digital advertisements, and wherever else you advertise your apartments from a single dashboard.

Most syndication solutions come with your property management software. Other vendors offer a similar single-point platform that streamlines the process of updating content across multiple advertising sources.

How does marketing syndication software work?

There are three primary ways apartment marketers can utilize syndication software to maintain an up-to-date online presence:

1) Listing distribution: Syndication software can push your apartment listing across multiple online platforms.

2) Listing synchronization: The software automatically shows any changes to your listing, such as price or availability updates, on other platforms. You make one edit—the syndication tools do the rest.

3) Centralized management: Distributing and making changes to your apartment listings from a single dashboard greatly benefits apartment marketers overseeing multiple properties.

Why is apartment marketing syndication software essential?

Syndication tools are essential for apartment marketing because they make your job easier and boost your online presentation and reputation.

Apartment marketing syndication software makes your job easier.

"(Syndication software) is essential to me," says Alexi Kontras, Director of Marketing for Maxus Properties' Inc, who oversees a portfolio of 34 apartment communities and 7,500+ units across the United States. "It allows us to manage listings for multiple ILSs per site without having to access each individual vendor dashboard to update content and real-time pricing and availability.

"When dealing with multiple communities that each, in turn, have multiple ILS partners and listings, it is very helpful to have a single source to manage content, display parameters (how we prefer to display our pricing), and tracking information."

Apartment marketing syndication software boosts your online presentation (and reputation).

Say a prospective renter comes across an advertisement for your apartment community—whether on an ILS, social media, or a keyword search in Google—which says the 'First month of rent FREE!'.

Except that was the messaging for a pricing special from a month ago, that's no longer valid. 

You can imagine the consequences when that individual discovers your ads and listings aren't up-to-date. They'll likely leave a negative review of your community, which other prospects will see.

An overarching priority of apartment marketers is to create (and sustain) an online presence that prospective renters delight in because it makes their leasing experience easy. And by achieving that, you're also creating a positive reputation for your community among current and future renters.

But maintaining such an online experience requires additional assistance with tools like syndication software that make it easy to keep information across all marketing sources accurate, preventing scenarios like the one above where a misleading ad could create a cascading effect of negativity that harms your apartment's reputation.

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