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Website Accessibility For Apartments

What it is, who it affects, and why it should be incorporated into your apartment community's website.

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What's Inside This Whitepaper

The internet landscape is changing, and property management companies must ensure that their apartment communities' websites are designed to be accessible for all users—regardless of ability—or else they could face litigation and other unnecessary consequences. We wrote this resource to explain accessibility for the web and why it's important for apartment marketers, as well as what we're doing at RentVision to support it.

Read this Whitepaper if you're interested in:

  • What website accessibility is and who is affected by it.
  • Challenges users with permanent, temporary, or situational disabilities face when interacting with websites.
  • How apartment websites can be very difficult to navigate without the help of built-in accessibility features.
  • The standards website developers have adopted to improve accessibility.
  • Why property management companies should be wary of relying only on widgets or overlays to meet web accessibility compliance.
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