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Case Study: Village West Apartments' Lease-Up

How RentVision helped a 200-plus unit community with only one person on staff complete its lease-up in less than a year. (And raise rents by the end, too.)

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What's Inside This Whitepaper

Village West Apartments, a 200-plus unit community in Lincoln, Nebraska, opened in the last week of December 2020. Through its partnership with RentVision, it achieved maximum occupancy only 10 months later. In this whitepaper, we show how our marketing solutions delivered the traffic and engagement necessary for Village West to generate a rapid leasing velocity during its lease-up.

Read this Whitepaper if you're interested in:

  • Seeing data that verifies the success of RentVision's dynamic apartment marketing system, especially for lease-ups.
  • Leasing-up your new apartment community as quickly as possible.
  • Capturing hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue during your lease-up.
  • Deploying cost-effective digital advertisements for your new apartment community that are less expensive than the average salary of a leasing agent.
  • Empowering prospects interested in your apartments to see your new community online 24/7.
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