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Best Practices for Multifamily Revenue Management

A playbook on how to optimize your apartment's occupancy and rent.

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What's Inside This Ebook

While maximizing revenue is a goal for every apartment community, it is a challenging one and often not achieved. This is due to both property and regional managers having no objective way of determining a healthy occupancy target or rent levels. This is perhaps the most technical and analytical resource we've ever written. Our goal is to help multifamily leaders optimize their occupancy and rent—the byproducts of apartment revenue—to set their communities up for future success and growth.

Read this Ebook if you're interested in:

  • The key drivers of revenue for apartments, and the responsibilities regional and property managers have in optimizing them.
  • Actionable recommendations on how to improve a community's occupancy.
  • The complex science behind setting an Annual Target Occupancy.
  • Insight on setting rental prices, including a smarter way to implement specials.
  • Knowing exactly what managers can do to maximize revenue on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
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