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Technical QA

Test web based software products.


Technical QA

Location: Lincoln, NE

Are you a detail oriented perfectionist who loves to break things? Do you like to think about how to make good things even better? Do you believe that a user's experience on the Internet is as important as accomplishing their intent?

We are looking for a Technical QA who loves delivering amazing experiences to end users to join our team.

Expect to work closely and collaborate with software engineers and visual designers in order to QA for excellent function, form, and interaction.

You're an excellent fit for this position if you...

Thrive in the details.
You need to be detail-oriented, juggle multiple projects at once, and also hit your deadlines. From writing test plans to testing products, it’s important to see all the edge cases and thoroughly document your work.

Love making things better.
We’re looking for someone that can test against a set of requirements, but also be able to suggest improvements. We love delivering remarkable experiences in our products, and we need you to bring suggestions from interaction to accessibility.

Enjoy collaboration.
Whether picking apart stories in a scrum meeting or solving UI/UX problems, you'll need to collaborate with engineers, designers and project managers to deliver successful outcomes.

Have the skills.
We're looking for someone with solid functional and exploratory testing experience in web based software. Experience in testing web accessibility is a plus. Coding skills and knowledge of automated testing tools are optional, but helpful.

Applicants must be current U.S. residents.

Want to be a Visionary? Here's what you can expect...

Strengths-based organization.
We believe you work best and happiest when your job and strengths line up.

Work in small teams.
We thrive off of collaboration and value your opinions.

Learn and grow.
We read articles, experiment with new technologies, and go to conferences.

Have fun.
We enjoy practical jokes, games, and have a sand volleyball team.

Now onto the important stuff…

401k Match
Planning for your financial future is important. We offer enrollment in our company sponsored 401(k) as well as contribution matching to help you get it done.

Health Insurance
We care about your health. RentVision offers enrollment in health, vision, dental insurance plans, and also pays a portion of health insurance premiums.

Life Insurance
You’re important to us and we want you to know that. We offer life insurance to employees at no out-of-pocket cost.

Long Term Disability
We’re here to help when the unexpected happens. We provide long-term disability insurance to all of our employees.

Paid Time Off
It’s all about that healthy work-life balance—work hard play hard, right? RentVision provides paid time off and extra time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Parental Leave
At the end of the day, family matters most. We know the importance of those precious moments you have with your new little one, so we provide parental time off.  

Fizzy Friday
You work hard all week, so why not have a little fun on Friday? At 3:30 PM we celebrate a week’s worth of work with games, snacks, and fizzy beverages. Hope you like competition.

Recognition Lunch
You’re one in a million, and we want you to know that. Every month we celebrate our employees with a free lunch (yeah, you read that right) and recognition galore.

Unlimited Coffee
Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got a coffee machine stocked full of cappuccinos, lattes, black coffee, and more.