How to Schedule Your RentVision Apartment Walkthrough Video Shoot

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Our media professionals travel all over the country on a weekly basis, capturing visual content for communities in over 40 different states.

We work to schedule our trips 3-4 weeks in advance, in order to book flights and hotels with an adequate amount of time.

You will hear from your Scheduling Coordinator or Marketing Advisor roughly three weeks before the tentative week of a shoot in your area to gather and confirm your specific availability for the week we’ll be on site.

Our goal is to shoot as much visual content as possible when we're on site (exterior/amenity photos, walkthrough video tours of your floorplans, etc.). Once we know which floorplans, exteriors, and amenities you'll have available, we'll use that information to map out the trip with the specific date and time that we'll be on site.

Our team will then plan our trip to your area, booking flights and hotels, while accounting for drive time and the amount of time the shoot will take at each property (which considers the number of floorplans to shoot and whether we will shoot exteriors and amenities).

After we have planned the trip, you will receive an email and calendar invitation with the the specific date and time that our videographer will be at your community, along with your Video Preparation Checklist (see below) to ensure you have the best photos and videos possible.

Video Preparation Checklist

  1. Have the unit ready as you want it to be shown. Make sure there is nothing in the unit that you do not want in the video (welcome packets, flyers, etc.). Make sure blinds are open or shut, as you prefer them, that doors are opened or shut, as you prefer them, and that the floors are cleaned.
  2. Make sure keys are ready and correct. It is quicker (and easier for you!) not to have someone walk the Media Producer around unless you want to. Make sure keys are ready and correct if someone is not going to take the Media Producer around.
  3. Have someone walk the unit the day of the shoot. Make sure everything is just how you would like it!
  4. Make sure all light fixtures are working.
  5. Make sure the electricity is turned on.
  6. Make sure the grounds are clean.
  7. Make sure the pool area is clean. During the pool photo shoot the pool will need to be vacated. This won't take more than a few minutes, but you might want to let your residents know ahead of time.
  8. Make sure occupied units are vacant at the time. We are unable to shoot occupied units. 
  9. Provide a map. Providing a map with the units outlined will help the Media Producer navigate the community.
  10. Provide the gate code or key fob. If there is a gate code or key fab to the premises, please provided that to us ahead of time.

Final Preparations

Two business days before your shoot, our Scheduling Coordinator will be in touch with you to remind you of the shoot and make note of any changes that may have taken place to your floorplan availability.

We understand that your availability is constantly changing so we continually reach out to you when we schedule trips in your area in order to shoot more photos and videos of your community.

Coordinating shoots is one of the more difficult parts of what we do here at RentVision, with both your availability and ours constantly changing. We ask that you reach out to us as you have vacancies and notices come up—that is a huge help in working to gather as much visual content for your community as possible when we're in your area.

When you reach out with specific units you will have available at a specific time, we connect with our Scheduling Coordinator to see when one of our Media Producers will be heading to your area. As soon as we have more information, we will follow up with you to see about scheduling a shoot at your community.

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