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One of our unique services is our walkthrough video tour production. We have a team of Media Producers who travel across the country shooting floorplan-specific walkthrough video tours and capturing beautiful photos of various floorplans, exteriors, and amenities. Today we're going to focus on walkthrough video tours and share three ideas for how you can use them. 

Improve Your Website

The first and most important use for walkthrough video tours is utilizing them on your community website. In doing this, you allow prospective residents to tour your community online without having to drive over or take up your leasing staff's time. We believe it's a central part of an efficient marketing strategy.

Engage Busy Prospects

It's not unusual for there to be several roommates moving in together, especially in college towns. When this happens it can be difficult to schedule in-person showings at a time that works for everyone. Oftentimes, one or two roommates tour an apartment and then tell the others about it. 

With walkthrough video tours, you can help everyone tour the apartment. Send an email all of the roommates (before and after your in-person tour) that links to your community website. More specifically, link to the floorplan-specific page of the floorplan they're interested in. This video allows them all to see exactly what their future home looks like, which is extremely valuable to the prospect who was unable to make the in-person tour.

Remind Prospects of Their Tour

Think back to the last time you leased an apartment for yourself. You may have spent four to six hours on a Saturday touring half a dozen apartments in your desired area. By the time you were done, you most likely didn't remember which apartments were at which community—it all blurred together.

If your community has walkthrough video tours, you can deal with that problem quite easily. As the in-person tour is ending, just ask the prospect if you can send them a link to an online tour of the floorplan they toured that day. One suggestion: You might include the address of the community in the email, either in the subject line or the body text of the email.


One of the main principles of content marketing is that you should use your content in multiple ways. So don't just see your videos and think "this is great, I can use these on my website!" and leave it at that. Think about other ways to leverage those sources of content in your apartment marketing strategy.  The thoughts above shouldn't be the end of the conversation either. If you have more ideas, please do share them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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