Anticipate And Solve Vacancy Problems With These New RentVision Tools

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RentVision's product team is excited to share some of the updates it made to our predictive apartment marketing system in the first quarter of 2022.

These key additions to the system include:

  • A newly designed Future Occupancy graph on the main dashboard of the RentVision Platform
  • The Floorplan Performance table inside the Floorplan Analytics section of the RentVision Platform
  • A Predictive Adjustments table added to the Weekly Community Report
  • A rebuild to the main navigation inside the RentVision Platform

In this blog, we will break down how each of these features will further help our partners anticipate and solve vacancy issues before those issues even have the chance to occur.

If you're not a partner with RentVision yet, we'd love to be able to show you how our predictive apartment marketing system can help your communities be able to see and automatically react to upcoming vacancies, too. 

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Future Occupancy Graph

RentVision Future Occupancy Graph

This new feature on the dashboard of the RentVision Platform is only available to partners with the Future Occupancy integration. 

The graph portion shows the historical difference comparing a community's current occupancy with its Future Occupancy target. The data shown in the blue shaded section is what that community's Future Occupancy will be in the next couple of weeks.


Video: Future Occupancy Explainer

The three cards above the graph provide a quick glimpse into the data most relevant in that moment, including the community's Future Occupancy projection compared to target (top left) and Current Ad Budget for the present day (middle). Should our predictive algorithms detect any upcoming changes that require attention, the Recommendations card (top right) will show an action that a partner should take.

Now our partners with integration will be able to log-in to the RentVision Platform and quickly check an accurate forecast of what's coming down the road at a selected community, and also how our system is reacting to that information with any changes in the digital ad budget.

Floorplan Performance Table

RentVision Floorplan Performance Table

The next update that will help apartment owners, managers, and marketers easily assess current and Future Occupancy is the Floorplan Performance Table.

The table will replace the previous contents of the Floorplan Analytics page inside of the RentVision Platform for partners with the Future Occupancy integration.

This new feature gives a comprehensive, clear, and up-to-the-minute breakdown of each floorplan at a selected community—which is key, as vacancy issues can then be identified and addressed on the floorplan or bedroom level first, before they could become community-wide problems.

Our partners can identify when certain floorplans' Future Occupancy will be below their Future Occupancy Target, current and historical changes in rent prices, as well as trailing 12-month rent and occupancy.

Predictive Adjustments Table

Predictive Adjustments Table-1

The Predictive Adjustments Table is a new feature inside of the Weekly Report for our partners with the Future Occupancy integration.

It's purpose is to notify them of all the automatic adjustments RentVision's predictive algorithms made with both their Google and Facebook ad spend, or featured floorplans scroller on the website, during the previous week. 

The table will break down each adjustment by the date and category. Additionally, it will show the exact change that was made as well as the reasoning behind it.

Refresh Of RentVision Platform's Main Navigation

Lastly, we've improved the main navigation inside of the RentVision Platform to make it easier for all of our partners to access the various analytics they're seeking for each of their individual apartment communities.

RentVision Platform Main Navigation

They can simply change which community's data they want to see at any time with the Community Selector tool. We've also divided the Dashboard, Marketing, Leasing, and Launch pages in the navigation to provide a clearer path to find the specific metrics our partners are looking for. 


RentVision's product team is constantly making enhancements and additions to our marketing system. Each quarter going forward, we will highlight some of these changes in a blog post so both our current and future partners can learn more about how we're making renting their apartments easier.

Again, if you're interested in seeing how RentVision's predictive marketing solutions could impact you and your apartment communities, be sure to schedule a demo today.

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