How to View Your Tracking Numbers and Email Addresses

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Updated August 29, 2022

Login to the RentVision Platform. Click on the Marketing tab at the top of the page, then hover over the Analytics tab, and finally click on the Leads subtab. 

Once on the Leads subtab, scroll down until you get bar graphs similar to the ones shown below. This is where you will see two buttons.

One says "Request More Sources" and the other button says "View Tracking Numbers/Emails."

If you click "Request More Sources" a shadow box will open up where you can then select what kind of source you want to set up, and what the name of the source is. Once you hit "Send Request" your Marketing Advisor will receive an email containing your request.

If you click on "View Tracking Numbers/Emails" a shadow box will appear listing your current tracking emails and tracking phone numbers. (We have blurred out these tracking sources for privacy purposes.)

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