Don't Miss a Single Lead: Conquer 24/7 Leasing with These Apartment Website Tweaks

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Of little surprise to multifamily owners and operators, most leasing activity doesn't occur between the business hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

These days, a 24/7 leasing strategy—where prospective renters can complete the typical steps of touring, applying, and more at any time from anywhere—is more than just a fad; it's essential.

A simple study of apartment website traffic data tells the story. So, since you're here, let's talk about optimizing your website to enable 24/7 leasing and set your apartment community up for success beyond regular business hours to ensure you don't miss a single lead.

Apartment website traffic study results

Though we only analyzed 10 apartment community websites, there was enough data to conclude what was already apparent about when prospective residents typically search for apartments:

Knowing that most prospective residents will search for apartments online in the evening (or on weekends),
how are you tailoring your marketing and leasing to reach those individuals? 

  • The median peak hour of the day for the highest traffic was 5 p.m.

  • The weighted average peak hour was 5:45 p.m.

Knowing that most prospective residents will search for apartments online in the evening (or on weekends),
how are you tailoring your marketing and leasing to reach those individuals? 

Let's look at a few tweaks to help you succeed.

Tips to optimize your apartment website for 24/7 leasing

1) Utilize online applications.

Given that most apartment research occurs after business hours and renters today prefer to conduct their leasing journey on their timeline, you must allow them to apply online. 

Yeah, we know we're not breaking the wheel here, but unfortunately, we still observe apartment websites that do not offer an option to apply online.

Use your property management software's online application portal and integrate it into your community website. Then, ensure a clear and inviting Call-to-Action is on your website prompting visitors to apply. 

This simple tactic is the first step toward turning your website into a 24/7 leasing machine, potentially increasing conversions with little strain on your budget or site staff's workload.

2) Consider adding an AI chatbot to your apartment website.

In addition to letting prospects apply online after hours, you could add AI chatbot technology to your website. 

They aim to enhance a prospect's experience by offering guidance and answers to questions when a leasing agent isn't available. They can point individuals to specific pages and snippets of information on your website, including price and availability, and assist with scheduling an in-person tour. 

Now, chatbots aren't always perfect because they can get in the way of a user's experience, especially if they're accessing your website on a mobile device. The other setback is that they can become less helpful and more intrusive, considering much of the information they share is (or, at least, should be) readily discoverable in one click or less on your website.

If you do choose to apply a chatbot, it would be best to only use one. Cluttering your website with multiple chatbots could negatively impact site speed and usability and, worse, become a turn-off to prospects. 

But the most important benefit of adding AI leasing technology to your website is that it can collect and pass off critical contact information for your leasing staff to follow up on the following day during regular business hours.

3) Best option: Invest in floorplan-specific photo and video content.

Video-AdsThe best option for enabling 24/7 leasing is investing in floorplan-specific photo and video content on your website that lets prospective residents see the inside of your units and amenities.

The benefits are two-fold:

  • Prospective residents can tour your community without having to drive there in person, making them feel comfortable applying online without speaking directly to a leasing agent during regular business hours. This means your site staff can focus more on closing than selling, which helps expedite leasing velocity, improve community performance, and increase everyone's confidence in your marketing and leasing strategy.
  • Letting prospects take virtual tours helps them become more comfortable in choosing your apartments, thus improving your overall lead quality. This frees up your site staff's time and resources typically spent dealing with prospective residents who are less likely to rent toward things that matter most, like providing excellent service to current residents.

Key takeaways

  • Apartment website traffic data shows that most renters search online for apartments during evenings and weekends, with Saturdays having the highest traffic and peak hours around 5 p.m.
  • To cater to this 24/7 leasing trend, apartment communities should implement online applications, consider adding an AI chatbot, and invest in floorplan-specific photo and video content to allow virtual tours.
  • These strategies will enable renters to apply and learn about apartments outside regular business hours, ultimately increasing leasing velocity and improving website conversions.
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