Technical Project Manager

Plan, organize, and execute projects!


Technical Project Manager

Location: Lincoln, NE

Be a part of a start-up like company without the risks of being employed at an actual startup.

We’re looking for a strong communicator who loves technology to join our team. You’ll need to know when to draw the line and stick to a deadline, have attention to detail and critically think on a daily basis.

You're an excellent fit for this position if you...

Are an incredible communicator.
Many people are involved in completing technical projects: from dev to design and leadership to operations. Understand how to deliver the right information at the right time to the right people.

Succeed at crucial conversations.
Mediate disputes and resolve scheduling and asset utilization conflicts. Quickly and successfully navigating these conversations is a key requirement for this role.

Adapt to change.
Technical projects have a long life cycle with many moving parts. You will need to successfully adapt to changes, and communicate those updates to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.

Set expectations and keep others accountable.
Be responsible for clearly defining and quantifying each step of a project. Plus, establish concrete deadlines for each milestone, while ensuring each person and team maintains accountability for their part.

Understand the technical.
Demonstrate an understanding and comfortability with technical data and communicate to a broad range of people with technical and design backgrounds.

Applicants must be current U.S. residents.

Want to be a Visionary? Here's what you can expect...

Strengths-based organization.
We believe you work best and happiest when your job and strengths line up.

Monthly recognition lunches.
We celebrate your hard work with recognition and free food.

Work in small teams.
We thrive off of collaboration and value your opinions.

Learn and grow.
We read articles, experiment with new technologies, and go to conferences.

Have fun.
We enjoy practical jokes, games, and have a sand volleyball team.

Now onto the important stuff...

401k Match
Planning for your financial future is important. We offer enrollment in our company sponsored 401(k) as well as contribution matching to help you get it done.

Health Insurance
We care about your health. RentVision offers enrollment in health, vision, dental insurance plans, and also pays a portion of health insurance premiums.

Life Insurance
You’re important to us and we want you to know that. We offer life insurance to employees at no out-of-pocket cost.

Long Term Disability
We’re here to help when the unexpected happens. We provide long-term disability insurance to all of our employees.

Paid Time Off
It’s all about that healthy work-life balance—work hard play hard, right? RentVision provides paid time off and extra time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Parental Leave
At the end of the day, family matters most. We know the importance of those precious moments you have with your new little one, so we provide parental time off.  

Fizzy Friday
You work hard all week, so why not have a little fun on Friday? At 3:30 PM we celebrate a week’s worth of work with games, snacks, and fizzy beverages. Hope you like competition.

Recognition Lunch
You’re one in a million, and we want you to know that. Every month we celebrate our employees with a free lunch (yeah, you read that right) and recognition galore.

Unlimited Coffee
Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got a coffee machine stocked full of cappuccinos, lattes, black coffee, and more.