Talent Development & Recruiting Manager

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Talent Development & Recruiting Manager

Location: Lincoln, NE

Are you a relationship builder? Do you love meeting new people? Can you handle crucial conversations while providing a positive experience? Do you enjoy discerning someone's strengths and skills and matching them to the perfect job?

We are looking for a servant leader who loves people development to join our team. 

In this role expect to lead and execute RentVision’s talent acquisitions/hiring process, facilitate the personal care and professional development of team members, and handle HR functions. This is a full-time, exempt, and salaried position that will work at our Lincoln, NE office Monday–Friday.

You're an excellent fit for this position if you...

Have a successful track record. 

We’re looking for 5+ years of prior experience in people management and/or human resources, especially in the areas of recruiting, selection, and onboarding.

Deliver direct and considerate communication.

You’ll need the ability to deliver direct feedback and insight with a great level of care.

Enjoy meeting new people.

Deliver remarkable experiences to candidates through our entire hiring process.

Have a heart for people.

You cannot fake a genuine interest in the personal care and development of others.

Display excellent judgement.

We are looking for someone who can exercise great judgement when it comes to mediating employee conflicts, selecting candidates to extend job offers to, and delivering non-punitive discipline.

Manage time well.

You will need to execute great time management when it comes to scheduling interviews, holding regular meetings with teams and team members, and investing in your own personal growth and learning.

Foster teamwork. 

Help our teams operate at a high level by encouraging the personal and professional development of our team members, mediating interpersonal conflicts, and developing RentVision’s people managers to be great coaches and mentors.

Operate with exceptional character.

You’ll be exposed to sensitive and confidential information in this role and will need to operate with the highest level of integrity.

Applicants must be current U.S. residents.

About RentVision

RentVision was founded in 2010, after our Founder and CEO, David Watson, spent multiple weekends hunting for an apartment. After weeks of searching, he signed a lease on a unit he’d never seen. Frustrated by this experience, David believed there had to be a better, easier way to confidently rent an apartment. This sparked the idea for a new innovation—the industry's first Walkthrough Video Tour. RentVision has been innovating, developing, and growing ever since.

Today, we create software platforms, build websites, offer strategic advising, deliver media solutions, and travel the country sharing industry knowledge. We are part tech company and part full-service organization, combining the best of both worlds: excellent software solutions with remarkable client service.

Our Purpose: To consider others as more important than ourselves.

Our Mission: To make renting apartments easy.

Our Vision for Our Clients: To deliver a predictive leasing platform that optimizes marketing and revenue management.

Our Vision for Prospective Residents:  To help people rent an apartment without needing to drive anywhere.

Our Core Values:

  • Be Remarkable - We use our intelligence, personality, and unique skills to deliver amazing results.
  • Systemize Excellence - We build and do what is excellent, efficient, and repeatable.
  • Considerate Candor - We seek and give direct feedback that is thoughtful and productive.
  • Maximize Talent - We know our weaknesses. We live in our strengths.
  • Team Hustle - We deliver success through hard work and camaraderie.


401k Match
Planning for your financial future is important. We offer enrollment in our company sponsored 401(k) as well as contribution matching to help you secure your financial future.

Health Insurance
Supporting your physical health and wellbeing, RentVision offers enrollment in health, vision, dental insurance plans, and also pays a portion of health insurance premiums.

Life Insurance
A safety net for your loved ones. We offer life insurance to employees at no out-of-pocket cost.

Long Term Disability
Help when the unexpected happens. We provide long-term disability insurance to all of our employees.

Paid Time Off
We genuinely value regular rhythms of rest for our employees. RentVision provides paid time off and extra time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Parental Leave
At the end of the day, family matters most. RentVision provides paid parental time off for the birth, adoption, or long-term foster care placement, giving employees time to connect with their growing family.

Paid Childbirth Recovery Leave
What a blessing children are to us and our community. In addition to Paid Parental Leave RentVision provides paid childbirth recovery leave for expecting mothers, giving mom the time she needs to rest, recover, and bond with their precious little one.

Fizzy Friday
You work hard all week, so why not have a little fun on Friday? At 3:30 PM we celebrate a week’s worth of work with games, snacks, and fizzy beverages. Hope you like competition.

Recognition Lunch
Get ready to celebrate others. Every month we celebrate our employees with a free lunch and a time to speak words of thanks and appreciation to one another.

Unlimited Coffee
Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got a coffee machine stocked full of cappuccinos, lattes, black coffee, and more.