Part-Time Client Support Specialist

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Part-Time Client Support Specialist

Location: Lincoln, NE

Are you a task-oriented person? Do you love making lists and crossing things off in order to service client accounts and deliver a remarkable experience? Can you handle multiple projects at once and consider yourself a people person? 

We are looking for a task-oriented person with a can-do attitude who loves technology to join our team. This is a part-time position that will be scheduled for 25-30 hours per week between the hours of 8:00am–5:00pm, Monday–Friday.

Expect to work with clients alongside our Advisor teams. You’ll answer client questions about our proprietary software platform, service digital marketing strategies, and support internal teams’ projects.

You're an excellent fit for this position if you...

Have a successful track record.
We’re looking for 1-2 years of prior experience in customer service. You’ll need to be able to deliver remarkable service to our clients by communicating with care in a timely manner.

Enjoy providing remarkable experience for our clients.
Deliver over-the-top experiences to your book of clients by completing projects and completing operational tasks associated with client accounts.

Agree with the saying: “There is no 'I' in team.”
Work alongside the teams you support and find answers to clients’ problems, research new approaches to digital advertising, and help all of our clients lead the way in apartment marketing.

Juggle multiple projects at once.  
Our work is time-sensitive. You’ll work quickly to manage many projects and situations that require swift action and ensure our clients have a positive experience.

Applicants must be current U.S. residents.

Want to be a Visionary? Here's what you can expect...

Strengths-based organization.
We believe you work best and happiest when your job and strengths line up.

Monthly recognition lunches.
We celebrate your hard work with recognition and free food.

Work in small teams.
We thrive off of collaboration and value your opinions.

Learn and grow.
We read articles, experiment with new technologies, and go to conferences.

Have fun.
We enjoy practical jokes, games, and have a sand volleyball team.

Now onto the important stuff...

Fizzy Friday
You work hard all week, so why not have a little fun on Friday? At 3:30 PM we celebrate a week’s worth of work with games, snacks, and fizzy beverages. Hope you like competition.

Recognition Lunch
You’re one in a million, and we want you to know that. Every month we celebrate our employees with a free lunch (yeah, you read that right) and recognition galore.

Unlimited Coffee
Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got a coffee machine stocked full of cappuccinos, lattes, black coffee, and more.